episode 4.
Mia’s POV.
I was wandering on the road, gosh! it’s still far. I mean my apartment and I’m tired of walking already, the worst part of it is that it was getting darker .. what have I gotten myself into?
I decided to take a rest before continuing. i mean hello I can’t kill myself now can I ? I sat down feeling a little cold .. I can’t imagine that stunt really left me. I guess he’s a devil, no he’s the very head of the devil.. LUCIFER . that’s the name I will be calling him now . I haven’t seen someone as cruel as he is to leave a woman in the middle of nowhere..
ΒΏ but you caused it! my inner voice shouted.. can’t I have fun with my husband to be? I said to
myself dramatically. (note the sarcasm) …..
I was lost in my stupid thought when I heard some footsteps behind me..
“oh wow, look like we have an angel here” a voice said , I turned to see three guys walking towards me which I became scared .. You know, I might be stubborn but I can be scared and afraid as hell… I didn’t think twice before I took to my heels , I ran as fast as my legs could carry but as if nemesis was playing tricks on me , I tripped on my dress and stumble falling to the ground ..
the guys were coming nearer till there were standing in front of me..
Dear God give me a chance to live again , I promise to be a good girl ,
I will tell Jenny about her chocolates that I stole this morning, I will confess to my dad that I was the one that removed his door knob 3years ago because I wanted him to go out of the house to buy new handle so that I do invite my friends and mates over for a quick party.. Dear God please forgive me.. I opened my eyes to see the guys with an evil grin…
“you can’t run away from us pretty lady” one of the men said dragging me from the floor..
“please leave me, what did you want ” I asked with a shaky voice..
“you” what! he said and my eyes went wide..
“let go of me ” I shouted..
“not so fast pretty, we aren’t done with you” he said and began stripping me off my clothes and kissing me roughly… oh my God! please send a helper , I can’t help being raped by not one person, four people!!! you know I can’t handle it..
I’m still your child God help me, I didn’t realize the whole Mia was crying until a tear dropped on
my cheek….
I couldn’t struggle, this is the end of me now ! I was pushed roughly to the ground . I tightly closed my eyes for the worst to happen but no.. nothing happened ..
I slowly opened my eyes after a while and saw one of the guys on the floor being Punched by ..
wait what? Lucifer? how did he know I was here … He was really angry due to the way he was dealing mercilessly with the guy , I think the rest ran away.. I really needs to do testimony…
“I’m sorry please forgive me” the unknown guy winced …
“please let him go, he will die” I said as I ran to Mr Lucifer yanking his hand away from the guy who took the opportunity and ran away ..
“are you okay? did there hurt you?” Lucifer asked through gritted teeth….
“dude calm down as you can see I’m fine ” I said smiling widely…
“enter the car let’s go home ” he said as he began walking to his BMW car leaving me to trail behind him.. isn’t he the same person that threw me out of his car some minutes ago? he’s sure a weird creature.. weirdo! .
We entered the car and he drove off in an uncomfortable silence before I decided to speak up…
“why did you come to save me” ? I questioned which made him turn to me with an expressionless face.. weird!
“excuse me?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows..
“I asked you a question Lucifer” oops , I didn’t mean to call him that it slipped from my tongue… Mai when will you leave trouble?
“what did you just call me?” he asked clenching and unclenching his hand and jaw.. He’s angry now , look what you did again.. .
“no no no, I only said you should tell me why you saved me after you drove me outta your car” I said calmly while I heard him whispered’better ‘ really??
What did you think of yourself, you are not worth my help , I could have done that if it was anyone else and you are my FIANCE and I don’t want some guys to access your slutty poor body before marriage you know” .he actually called me a slut? I’m anything but a slut? no . I tried hard to control my tears , why will he think so low of me? did he hate me this much?
I can’t let him go with this ! I think I know what to do…
I calmly sat in the car till we reach my apartment.. I came down hurriedly after he parked the car. He can’t get away with this … I’m Mia Lockhart I don’t take shit, to hell with him and his wealth ion care …
He turned his car to go that moment but I stopped him…
“please I think I’m scared , can you walk me to the door?” I said with the unresistable puppy eyes
.. The fact that he saved me doesn’t give him the audacity to call me the name I dread the most..
He groaned and got out of the car while my heart did a happy dance .
We walked a little bit and I stopped facing him..
“what are yo….”
before he could finish what he was saying, I gave him two echoing slaps …
“next time don’t call me a slut bitchy lucifer, I don’t look like a girl you can humiliate” I said and turned , walked inside and forcefully closed the door leaving him shocked to the bone marrow..
I’m now satisfied…..
seriously? Mia slapped the city sweetheart? Impossible!
who else is preparing for her funeral cause I’m going .
what will be Kayden’s reaction when he finally recovers from the shock?
7days with my crush

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