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7days with my Crush
Mia’s POV
Mia, will you get your lazy ass off the bed? We are getting late for work” Jenny my best friend said.
“Oh, let me have my beauty sleep please”I said and covered back myself with the duvet..
The next thing I noticed was the water being splashed on my body.. haa! I groaned as I lazily sat on the bed spranging my feet.
“Better get dressed before I finish from the kitchen lazy girl…”
She said and walked out…
I stood up and went to the bathroom and did my business there, came out and quickly dressed up because I don’t want any nagging and sermon from Jenny who’s playing the role of a mother here.
You are wondering why?
We have been best friends since childhood and every body in the neighborhood knows us as the two witches. Don’t mind them there call us that. We are just birds of the same feather . We are very trouble some so most people are afraid to cross our path even the old women..
Well, I’m Mia Lockhart, 20years of age. Only child of Mr Lockhart, my mother died on the day of my delivery so I didn’t get to know her and my father has been taken the responsibility of a parent in my life .. Me and Jenny moved down to Florida 3 months ago to start a new life ourselves without depending on our parents. So enough of me…
Oh my crush, his name is Kayden. He’s an idol who owns most of the industries here in Korea. I have had a crush on him since I was 12. God! I wish to meet him one day..
Every corner of my room has his pictures plastered. Any how , you can say I’m obsessed with him I don’t care…
Authors POV.
Kaydey, is the richest and the most handsome guy in Korea. You can say, he’s very rude and arrogant. He’s the heir to the Brook’s family.
He doesn’t believe in love but he’s a big flirt..He claims that he will never fall in love as “love is just a shit” His parents are persuading him to get married or his inheritance will be given to his cousin brother which he detested so much . How will he love ? When he doesn’t have any of the feeling for any girl.?
But not until faith brought him and the trouble some Mia together.

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