Episode One
Chloe’s POV
β€˜Miss Chloe Henshaw wake up right now!!!’..I heard my landlord say and I jolted from the bed….
β€˜good morning Mr brown’…
β€˜there’s nothing good about this morning you wench!!!’..he screamed and i frowned….
β€˜it is too early for these insults Mr Brown,what can I do for you’..i replied in a distressed tone..
β€˜I want to know why you haven’t paid this and last month’s rent Chloe’..he said and I cleaned the drool on my face….
It’s been three months since I lost my job and trust me it isn’t easy getting a job in this area….
β€˜I’m sorry Mr Brown’…
A Night With The CEO Prologue
β€˜Sorry doesn’t count Chloe,where’s my rent??’..he said in a stern voice and sighed….
β€˜My job interview is today Mr Brown and once I get hired I’ll pay you all your money’..I begged…
β€˜You have a week to pay up Chloe or else you’re outta here!!!’……
Alexander’s POV
β€˜you’ve gotta be kidding me Lauren!!!,I asked for Lasagne and you’re giving me bread and tea!!!’..
β€˜I’m sorry Master Alex b..bu..but’…
β€˜But what?!!’..I screamed and threw the plates on the floor….
β€˜you’ve been working for me for over ten years now and that’s why I’m not firing you so get out!!!’..
She ran away with the broken plates and I sighed…
No one seems to be doing anything right today and I have to interview some boring new interns today…..
β€˜Jeremy!!!’..I screamed at the security guard but he didn’t reply…
β€˜Jeremy!!!!’…again but no reply….
I walked to him and saw the airpods in his ears… β€˜Jeremy!!’..I screamed and slapped him on his bald head…. β€˜Ohhhhh g…g..good morning Master Alexander’…
β€˜You’re a security gaurd Jeremy so act like one and don’t rest when you’re on duty!!!!’..I barked and he nodded…
I sighed and walked away and he muttered something like β€˜cold bastard’…
β€˜Did you say something Jeremy??’…
β€˜N..No sir’.
Chloe’s POV
Oh Shit I’m really late for my interview….
β€˜Bye Mrs Cuddles’…I said to the neighbor that lives close to me…
β€˜Bye Chloe,I hope you get that internship!!’..she replied..
β€˜I hope so too’…
Ten Minutes Later
β€˜Hey watch it!!!’..A lady screamed as I ran through the alley..
My interview is in ten minutes and I’m so going to be late…..
I waited patiently on the side walk waiting for the green sign to change…..
β€˜Ding’..I heard and i ran down the road and suddenly a car almost hit me….
The driver stopped adrubtly and my papers flew about on the road…..
Then a tall,lanky and handsome guy stepped out of the car and I thought he wanted to help me…..
β€˜Are you blind?!!’..He screamed and I scoffed…
β€˜i should be asking that question Mr cause the sign clearly showed red’…I said and stood up…
β€˜Oh really then Miss you should learn how to walk slowly on the road with those cheap heels next time’…he replied in his sleek voice and I fumed..
β€˜Excuse me Mr,you should learn how to talk and stop acting like an asshole!!!!’..I fired back….
He sighed and drove away and I dusted my clothes…
He’s right..
They are cheap heels….
Five Minutes Later
I stood in front of the biggest company in New York,The PH group of companies and smiled…
One day I shall have one just like this…..
I walked inside the large building and saw a receptionist…
β€˜Good morning ma’am I’m Chloe Henshaw,one of the internship applicant’.
β€˜Oh you’re lucky,he is waiting for you now’…
β€˜I’m sorry who?’..I asked and she raised a brow..
β€˜My boss’…she replied and ushered me through the door and when our eyes met I gulped….
He’s the same person I insulted five minutes ago…..
Oh Shit!!
TBC ..
Chloe ooo
Do you think she’ll get the job now?

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