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[in Bed with my Boss]
One Night,
Just one Night,
Just one night with Alex changed Chloe’s life forever..
Let’s get to know them shall we?..
**Alex Montenegro:He’s just twenty six and he’s a billionaire already.Alex is the CEO Of PH group of companies, he’s rude,extremely hot tempered and super handsome….
**Chloe Henshaw:She’s super clumsy and crazy at even at the age of twenty three.Chloe is the new inten of PH group of companies that doesn’t seem to get anything right..
**Megan Montenegro:Alex’s stepmother and worst enemy,to cut the story short she’s super evil and plans on taking over PH one day…
**William Dunbrook:Alex’s best friend.He’s the total opposite of the rude CEO,friendly and handsome too…
**Skyler Benson:Alex’s betrothed and wife to be even against his wish.Skyler is the Super Model that everyone wants apart from Alex.She’s hot tempered and proud….
Determined and focused on being a successful business woman,Chloe signs as an intern in PH group of companies.
She becomes the Personal Assistant to her scary boss,Alexander Montenegro or should we say THE GOBLIN and to be honest sparks fly….
Alex gets drunk on a particular night and Chloe rushes to help him not knowing that that night would change their lives for good….
Its going to be epic!!!

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