Bad Boy Romance Episode 4

Bad Boy Romance
Chapter 4
( We will change )
Payton’s POV
I was standing before the owner of the restaurant at the office
“What really went wrong between you and the boy?” My boss asked and I explained all what happened to him
“Oh no! That’s so bad , they did that and still insist on getting you sacked from here ?” The man asked
“Yes sir ” I replied
“Those guys are really dangerous , I’ll get another shoe and bag for you myself so you can return to school tomorrow , I personally detest a situation where the rich oppresses the poor ” He said and happiness spread all over me
“Thanks so much sir ” I said nervously and he nodded , then signaled for me to return to work
Wow! I’m so happy , I’m just so glad . Those two proud boys really meant it hard for me but it turned out to be something positive for me
I’m sure they won’t be expecting me in school tomorrow , I’m so glad
Following Day
I was dressed in my uniform , a new expensive shoe and a very beautiful bag. I feel proud of myself as I walked to school
I entered and I saw everyone licking ice cream as if they had planned about it
“Hey, what’s going on today ?” I asked a student
“It’s Ice cream festival , Everyone in school had being anticipating for a day like this , go and get your ice cream too” The girl said licking her ice cream happily
I smiled and walked away from her.
I do not really have any money to buy ice cream so It’s better I just find a solitary place to be
I walked to the class , dropped my bag ready to go to a solitary place where I could hide till the ice cream festival is forever
Just as I was about to leave the empty class , two boys appeared before me
I looked up and it was those two bullies
“Who the hell got the fvcken expensive shoe for you?” Broody asked
” How is that your business?” I asked boldly and he laughed
“You see , I like your boldness , anyways , can I get some ice creams for you?” He asked
“Not interested please ” I replied
“It’s an honour for a whole Brody to want to buy ice cream for you, why reject?” His friend asked
“I’m Cooper by the ways” He introduced himself
“Suit you well Cooper , the two of you take pleasure in oppressing the poor , not only that , you break many ladies heart , how good of you?” I scolded and they both exchanged glances
“Well, don’t be annoyed of our past acts, we will change ” Broody said and I furrowed my brow
Did he just said that word out
“We are sorry , won’t you mind me buying ice cream for you?” He asked
“Go and buy it , I’ll be waiting for you here ” I said considering the number of crowds present at the ice cream joints
They both looked at themselves again and Sighed
“Okay , we will be right back” Broody said and walked out with Cooper
Did you think Brody and Cooper may be up to something ?

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6 thoughts on “Bad Boy Romance Episode 4

  1. Good story….
    I like the fact that she’s very bold and out spoken irrespective of her situation. She sounds very naive, hard working, humble, and responsible too. Keep up with the good work….

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