Bad Boy Romance Episode 60

🚫Bad Boy Romance🚫
Episode 60
(Movie night Pt 2)
Payton’s POV
Okay Payton i think you went a little bit too far with your bragging..
Like wtf did I just do?!!..
I literally detest sci-fi movies and now I bragged about being a horror movie expert??…
I paced around the room as goosebumps filled my body and bit my nails nervously.I checked the time and it was only just 6:30pm,I continued pacing thinking of an excuse and when I could think of none I grabbed my phone.I called Serani but to my own dismay her number wasn’t reachable,i tried Trevor’s too but it was the same thing and when i realized that all was fruitless effort i groaned.I went downstairs and met Brody video chatting Cooper on Skype and when he spotted me he just winked and i smiled nervously twisting my fingers..
How do i tell him that I’m terrified to death of the movie we’re going to watch..
β€˜Uhmm Brody c..can..can I talk to you..can I talk to you for a moment??’..i stuttered..
β€˜Ohhh wait up I’m telling Cooper how excited I am on our first date!!’..He replied and i gulped hard…
I can’t tell him i don’t want to go??..
He’s so excited and I can’t ruin that for anything in the world??..
Ughh see where my big mouth has landed me!!…
β€˜Okay so I’m done with Cooper what is it you wanted to tell me??’..He asked..
β€˜It’s nothing never mind’..I replied with a sullen look on my face…
β€˜You sure?? You look like you have a little sugar on your mouth’..He murmured..
β€˜Sugar?? Where??’..I asked and the next thing I knew he covered his lips with mine and kissed me lusciously…
β€˜Mmmmh I really tasted the sugar’..i murmured and he chuckled softly…
β€˜Yeah so I’ll go freshen up and by 7pm you should be here’..
Brody’s POV
I smiled seeing the terrified look on Payton’s face as i went upstairs to the bathroom…
I know she’s pretty scared about the Veronica movie and I’m going to rattle her pretty much cause she bragged about not being scared of horror movies…
β€˜Are you ready??’..I asked Payton as I jogged happily downstairs and Payton jolted from the chair..
β€˜Ohhh really?? W..well..well let’s go now’..She stuttered and i smirked lightly…
β€˜Let’s go then’..
I parked my bike at the parking lot specifically for bikes and chained it so it won’t be stolen.Payton shuddered a little as I ushered her inside the cinema even with the full knowledge that she was scared.We verified our tickets at the counter and in a minute we were in the theater..
β€˜Put on your 3D glasses’..i muttered..
β€˜Huh??’..She was puzzled..
β€˜Put on your 3D glasses’..i repeated and she wore on the glasses.The movie started in a very harsh manner and the next thing i knew Payton began screaming..
β€˜Keep it low!!!’..The audience yelled..
β€˜Shhhh Payton,are you scared??’..i whispered with a hand over her mouth…
β€˜ I’m not scared I saw a cockroach on my thigh’..she stuttered and i withdrew myself hiding the laugh in my voice…
β€˜Oh my God i can’t do this anymore!!! I can’t do this!!!’..She screamed again and ran out of the theater…
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