B r o k e n R u l e s.



Authoress: Shantel




Subtitle She’s A Goddess






Episode 1.



She’s a beautiful princess tangled



In her own world is a beautiful room



Filled with music and lost in the rhythm



Anyone wanna tell me why I feel lost?



Cause this beauty and everything seems like a beautiful mystery I sang on till Mom stood in front of me suddenly gazing at me.More interesting @ www.topsterstories.com



I quickly stopped playing the piano and singing. She dragged me out my music room forcefully ” Mom please I’m sorry! ”


I pleaded and she let me go and walked out.


I turned to the mirror and stared deeply at my reflection,


I pulled off the hairband and my hair fell fully to the ground.


My manners! Little about myself, well all I know…


I’m pretty Brooks, 19 years old and graduated from high school a year ago from an all girls board school.


I know my name sounds totally weird and seriously I feel everything about me is. Born with a floor-length golden crystalline hair that mom is so against me cutting. My deep sea blue eyes is like to none, my eyelashes are so long and beautiful, full red lips leaving me in an extremely beautiful face that restricts my movement.


.At my early age I was declared most beautiful human by the records and that made mom more cautious as


I unconsciously became a public figure without any difficulties.


My magical and powerful voice is Just another part of my life


I find strange and unique but Mom is against any sort of music.


She’s actually against a lot of things in my life,


she tells me bad things about the male creatures and warns me not to talk or look at any.


She hates me singing and going out and painful enough all these rules are applicable to Just me while my sister is free as a bird.


A knock on the door and Angelica walked in squealing with a dress in a hand ” Look Pretty Mom Just got me this, pretty right?”



she asked showcasing the turquoise color dress and spinning around.


Rule number 9.. You’re never allowed to put on girls clothings or even makeup but my sister here is allowed to do that.


I looked away and tried walking away but tripped on my hair and fell to the ground


Eisshhhh!” Can I say I hate my life cause I really do. It’s frustrating with all the rules I have to live to.


Hey, you fine? ” Angelica asked trying to help me up.


I stood up in a haste and rushed out to mom’s room, I banged the door opened and she stared at me strangely


Go back to your room, I’m still mad at you ” she said focusing back on the laptop.


I closed my eyes for a second and opened them again


” I’m mad at you too mom, I’m mad at my life, I’m mad of all the rules ”


I said and Angelica walked in too, mum stared at me shocked.


I love singing, music! Is my life and it everything I truly know. I want to go out mum, I want to explore the world and meet new people. Please mum let me go to the musical college I’m tired of living like this it sucks! ”


I hollowed with gush of my emotions.


She stared at me shocked cause I’ve never spoke to mum like this.


She stood up and walked to me, held my cheeks and smiled lightly



All I do it’s for your protection Pretty, I’m scared of losing you, I’ll be devastated if anything happens to you try understand me ”


she said calmly but sadly, her eyes read it all but I still couldn’t Lay my head on it.


I will do Just fine what are you so scared of all the time?” I asked.


She looked sideways and took few steps backwards


Men! Those dangerous creatures and the omen within them ”


her mood had changed suddenly and it was something I wasn’t new to.


Those creatures, Men are of evil and full of disastrous omen as mum always told me,


I grew up with her reminding me every ticking second.


” What is it about this set of creatures beside they’ve done nothing bad to us ” I replied and she grabbed me by my shoulders


Don’t ever say that, Don’t you dare try defend them. Pretty they’re your end stay away from them”


she yelled to my face and I stuttered.


My end? What does she mean by that ? She rubbed her palms on my hair and smiled tightly


” Okay you’ll go to Musical College but only on one condition ”


she said and I jumped up in excitement.



Mum has always been against me going to Musical college I even spent an extra year at home cause I didn’t want to go to medical school like mum wants.


It’s a medical school that trains just female aspirants.


Really Mum?! ” I squealed.


You’ll promise to stay away from males and keep to yourself ” She said and I hugged her immediately.


Staying away has been a part of my life, I don’t know anything of What they’re like except their physical appearance.


” Yes! Yes! Yes!. I promise mum ”


I replied and hugged Angelica too.


This wouldn’t be hard right? I’m use to it after all. College here comes Pretty Brooks



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