B r o k e n R u l e s.










B r o k e n R u l e s






She’s A goddess









Episode 2






The car stopped right in front of the hostel and mum turned to look at me.


Angelica was beside me, mum too then the chauffeur.


I smiled as she placed her hand on my face as tears rolled down her cheeks ” Please dear don’t fail mum, please don’t break your promise to mummy ” she cried.


I raised my hand and wiped it with my thumb


I promise mum, I’ll stay away from them at all cost” I replied and she nodded in a smile.


We got down and brought down my stuffs then located my room.


I was dressed in a black khaki pants, brown shirt,






tied up my hair and covered half of my face but people still stopped when I walked.


We finally located my room 63, dipped in the key the door opened.


Walked in and two other girls sitted doing a soprano, I smiled.


They turned to look at us


” Welcome ”



the girl in a red hair said as they both smiled ” Thank you” I replied.


Mum was to leave Now with Angelica so I saw them off ” Always remember Pretty, you’re not allowed to…. ” mum was saying but I cut her off


talk to the men, go close to them or even look at them” I completed and she smiled.


I kissed them goodbye


Angelica take care of Mum okay? ”


You take care of yourself, I love you! ” she said,


I kissed her and waved them as the car drove off.


I went back inside and met with the girls still singing, I sat on my bed to rest for a while before I start arranging.


The room was big with three big beds and a wardrobe for each person, I looked at the other end and saw different instruments, I smiled.

Hey! What’s your name? ” the girl with dark hair asked


Pretty ” I replied and she smiled


Thanks but I asked for your name ”


she said


” Pretty, my name is Pretty Brooks ”


I answered and they both looked at each other and back at me weirdly, I tool off the scarf I wrapped around my face for some comfort,

Oh my gosh!! ” they both screamed while I Just smiled, nothing new!.


Pretty indeed! ”


the red haired wowed while the dark haired still couldn’t close her lips ” I’m Uriel and she’s Patty ”


the red haired said and I smiled and shook hands with them. I relaxed on my bed and later arranged my things properly. There was a kitchen and also a bathroom and I felt really hungry,More interesting @ www.topsterstories.com



Patty was in the kitchen so I waited for her to be done so I prepare myself something to eat.


Food’s served! ” patty yelled walking out the kitchen with a tray containing three plates of food.


Here’s yours pretty” she handed me a plate too and I nodded a


“Thank you, thought we prepare our own meals ”


I asked to clear my curiosity


” Yeah but here in room 63 we cook for ourselves, you grab? ”


Uriel replied


” I totally do” I replied and we laughed and started eating.



We finished eating and talked about different things


I miss Jason already ” Patty said dreamily


Who’s Jason? ” I asked


my boyfriend! ” she responded.


I’m here for two things, music and Of course Zayn Huston, my dream man” Uriel added closing her eyes and wrapping her arms around her body.


What about you Pretty? ” patty questioned


I don’t go near the male creatures, evil and dangerous ”


I replied and they looked at me strangely.


I guess I’m the only one with this rules attached to my life.




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