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She’s A Goddess









Episode 3



Yayyyyyyy! My first day in school and my energy is on the roof, trust me it’s making me all bubbling and tingling.






I slipped in a bulky trousers and a top then made sure I tied my hair properly to avoid it falling later or something.


I took a scarf and tied half of my face with it and went back to the room.


” What’s with the face? ” Patty asked.


She had on a bumshort and a top that exposed her belly button. “with a face like that you shouldn’t hide a single part of it ” Uriel added looking okay in a simple skirt and top. I walked to my bed and took my bag


” I don’t want any attentions” I replied and they nodded.


“so true, even with half your face covered you’re still the most beautiful ” Uriel said and I smiled.


“Who’s excited for a First day?! ” Patty yelled excitedly wrapping her hands on our shoulders


” me!! ”


we chorused and laughed walking and jumping out the door.


We got out the hostel into the main school, I stopped to fill in the fresh air, feels good.



On our way to class I could hardly walk pass without a long stare, whispers, compliments , waves with the crowd at every corner of the school.


imagine what happens when you take off that scarf” Patty whispered and I smiled.


I’m certainly not new to all the stares I get but not with the opposite creatures, they are so much here and I don’t know why but it scares me.


First Class was the introductory class, it think it’s basically for first year students. We sat down in the class waiting for the instructor,


the noisy class had suddenly turned to a graveyard with eyes on me,


I tried not to pay any attention and Just smiled at Patty and Uriel on intervals


Smile less girl, people are gonna melt”


Patty whispered and I stopped smiling though I didn’t understand what she meant by that, I love smiling all the time.


Written by Shantel






The door opened and a young girl in black long wavy hair walked in,


she had on a mini leather skirt, a cute looking top and a leather jacket to match her skirt and some pretty booths Just like the one Angelica ordered days back.


There are very expensive but it doesn’t bulge mum she’s so wealthy after all and money is the least of our problems.


She had a pretty face and she looked really familiar, wait! Isn’t she…



Oh my goodness! Sophia Greece, she’s the popular singer and my role model, I love her so much.


She smiled to the class


“Welcome First Year! ”


she said and the class replied in rhythm


Thank you sophy” . She chuckled


“It’s your First Class in BFM college and it’s your introduction class. Here it’s all about passion so always remember that you’re….. ”


she stopped and gestured the class to complete it ” Born For Music!”




the class completed and all I did was stare at her.


“I love sophy so much”


Uriel squealed as we took a walk around the school, really big!.


I enjoyed Sophia’s class so much and I won’t mind making friends with her, she seems really friendly.


” And she’s so beautiful ” Patty added


“Yeah! The most beautiful girl in BFM college”


“Look beside you Uriel ” Patty said referring to me.


Uriel turned to look at me


to be honest Pretty, are you from this planet?” Uriel asked giving me a face, I laughed and nodded


don’t be silly girls let’s go get something to eat I’m starving” I said and dragged them along.


We lost our way cause the school is really big and each of us forgot our map.


I saw a guy coming but I can’t ask so I waited to see if a girl would pass.






we heard and turned to the direction of the voice, Sophia Greece?


She walked to us and smiled


“You three were in my class earlier right? ” she asked and we nodded. ” you!” she pointed at me


“Me? ” I asked pointing back to myself.


“It’s you right? Your picture is trending much on the school’s page and you are the talk of the school now ”


she stated and I turned to look at the girls.


“What are your names?” she asked.


I’m Patty, Uriel and Pretty ” Patty replied and her smile turned to confusion “Pretty? That’s your name?” she questioned and I nodded



“Pretty Brooks” I responded and she smiled.


Suits you best. I guess you’re looking for the cafeteria, come with me” she said and we followed her.


We were eating in the cafeteria and Sophia asked to pay for our lunch, she’s really humble and friendly, so free and open minded and funny too.


“Why do you have a scarf around your face?” Sophia asked calming down from a laugh.


I stopped laughing


“Nothing much, the attention is suffocating as it is” I replied, she nodded in a smile, she’s really pretty.


“This much of your Face covered yet this beautiful? People shouldn’t be surprised at your name” she added and I smiled.


She brought out her phone


“Can I have a selfie with you girls?” she asked in a cute look, I love her!


We took the pictures


“So friends? ” she asked.


We nodded giggling really sweetly.


She left later on and after a few classes we were back to our hostel.


Mum called and we talked for long with her reminding me of the opposite creatures.



Uriel prepared dinner, we ate then later had some few lessons with the musical instruments based on our assignments.


We sat down together on Patty’s bed


“Have you seen the comments on Sophie’s post? ”


Uriel asked showing it to us.


It was the picture she took with us and 95% of the comments were on me


“Wow first day in college and someone is already a star” Patty said and we laughed.


“Let’s go to bed girls, it’s another day tomorrow” I said.


We laid down and pulled the blanket over ourselves giggling like little kids.


I miss my boyfriend” Patty cried and we burst out laughing again. tbc



B r o k e n R u l e s






She’s A Goddess







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