Episode 4



We were seated in class and our first class Just ended and for the next Class we are to come with a script of a song we composed ourselves and I left mine back in the hostel.


” Girls I left my song behind ”


I whispered to them amidst the noisy class, girls singing, the opposite creatures playing musical instruments and all.


OK let’s quickly go get it before the next instructor comes in” Uriel said standing up


It’s fine, I’ll just go alone so I’ll be quick” I replied




” You sure? ”


Patty asked and I nodded and ran along quickly,


the next class is just in 5 minutes and the hostel is a little far from the main school.


Running through the hallways about to make a turn I bumped into a huge strong statute


” Ouch! ” I cried hitting my butt hard against the floor,




I looked up and my eyes met with him, an opposite creature? I feel disgusted already!


He looked down at me and simply walked away.


I got myself up and turned to look at him, he was far off already, so fast? Mum’s right they’re strange!. I continued walking and finally I got to the hostel,



good enough I found it quickly and let out a sigh before running back to the class. I stopped at the class door to catch my breath before opening the door,


….I heard the instructor talking and it was the male voice.



By Shantel



I went in sneakily trying not to distract the class “Stop right there! ” I heard him command harshly. I stopped on my track and turned, him?More interesting @ www.topsterstories.com



So he’s an instructor here and couldn’t even say sorry earlier in the hallway. ” Why are you late to my class? ” he asked,


… his hands tucked up his pockets and he looked young so I guess he’s also a student.




I Just stared at him not saying anything, I’m not allowed to speak to the opposite creatures,


I have never spoken to one before anyway.




I asked a question miss ” he said looking at me with a really straight face, his voice really muscular and his body too.


I just walked to my desk and sat in between Patty and Uriel,


I could see the surprise in everybody’s face including the girls.



He stopped staring at me and turned back to the class


So were did we stop? Someone should come out and sing their composed song as said in the handout ”


he said and a girl came out to sing, her voice was nice and so was the lyrics which she ended with a dedication to the Rude Instructor.


Several other girls came out to sing and they all dedicated it to him, what is it about this male? Jezzz!


Everyone had done theirs and it was Just me left,


I stood up and walked out the class ready to sing….


We will Stop here today class ” he said and dismissed the class. What? But I haven’t done mine, he walked out and students followed. I walked back to the desk


What happened there Pretty? ” Patty asked packing up her books.


Yes Pretty what happened, why didn’t you explain yourself earlier, you just kept Zayn Huston silent ”








Nothing, I’m not allowed to speak to the opposite creatures ” I replied.


ugh? ” they chorused


What do you mean by that? ” Uriel asked giving me a confused face.


It’s Just that I’ve never spoken to a male before and I promised mum not to ” I said and they gave Rachel other a look.


Pretty did you hit your head somewhere?”


Patty asked touching my temples. I glared at her ” wait! Are you damn serious? ”




Let’s just go girls, I’m really hungry now considering that rude instructor” I said and started walking.


We walked into the crowded cafeteria, stood looking for a table the hall was really crowded.


” It’s so crowded in here ”


I said looking around


yeah! My mind is crowded of thoughts of you too ” Patty said


me too! ” Uriel added


Come on girls, leave that already ” I replied.


Hey Pretty!! ” I heard and turned, a smile escaped my lips, Sophia?.


Come over here ” she said and we walked to her


Hey Sophia! ” I said and waved.


” I’ve been looking for you three, come sit with me ”


she said in a bright smile.


” Thanks ” Uriel said and we sat down.


She called a waiter and we placed our order


We’ll pay for our lunch today ” I said, she smiled


I know “.


Our order was served in a jiffy and I thanked the waiter.


” Meet my baby Zayn Huston ”


Sophia said and just then I noticed a male seated beside her and her hand wrapped around his arm and of course it’s the rude instructor again


Hey Zayn! I’m Uriel ” Uriel said all smiles, grinning from ear to ear. He smiled lightly at her


Hi, I’m Patty ”


Patty introduced herself too, while I just ate My meal.


All eyes turned to me properly waiting for me to introduce myself too, he looked at me eagerly


Baby this is Pretty, Pretty Brooks, she’s the one I told you about” Sophia said and I smiled at her.


Baby? I can’t believe this rudee is my Sophia’s boyfriend, how unfortunate!






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