B r o k e n R u l e s






She’s a goddess












Episode 5



I hear the Waves of the ocean




It’s calmness is peaceful and the storm is warming Blue as the beautiful Sky


Heavenly it waves sings like the angels



Do you hear this beautiful rhythm or am I in a beautiful dream Can’t you see how well it nutures beautiful creatures And leaves beautiful pearls beneath


right in the middle of the ocean is my heart



Do you hear this beautiful rhythm or am I in a beautiful dream I ended the song, I opened my closed eyes and it was a full room,

I flinched as I stared at the number of people in our room,


Patty and Uriel stood too all staring at me like they saw a ghost or something. My mind quickly flashed to my hair and it was still properly tied or is it my face cause I had no scarf on but Patty and Uriel had the same look on their face.. ..


Someone suddenly clapped in the crowd and then another girl joined her, a male, and soon loud claps and cheers followed.


I placed my hand on my ears, the noise was coming really loud, compliments on my voice,


Beauty and all came in but even in all this some people still stood still, mouth open just staring at me.


After a while the room was back to normal and I wouldn’t help but jump on my bed in a heavy sigh.


” What happened earlier? ”


Patty asked before I got the chance to.


I sat up


” that question is mine! What happened, who let them in? ”


I asked looking at them.


Pretty your voice did, your voice broke boundaries, I have never heard anything like it ”


Uriel said walking to my bed, she sat beside me.


Look girl you’re blessed ” Patty added.


Blessed?!” I scoffed


just look at you, extraordinary Beauty, your skin seems like it sparkles and gosh girl! your voice is magical ”


Uriel exclaimed


” if this isn’t being blessed then I’m sorry I don’t know what it is ”


Patty added and I smiled.


Truth be told sometimes I’m a mystery to my own self,


I mean just looking at myself leaves me in numerous wonders.


Mum always told me while growing up that I was a unique child and should be extremely careful.


My beauty, voice, hair, unique abilities that I prefer to be within, I just pray that I’m able to keep my hair length hidden too.

I prepared dinner and served it, we ate and retired back to our assignments.


” I hope Zayn picks me tomorrow ”


Uriel said dreamily, Patty chuckled


” What’s so special about that rudee? ”


I questioned trying the violin.


” He’s so handsome, amazing voice, he’s just every girl’s dream ”



Uriel replied dreamily again.


” Zayn is really handsome, he’s also the best voice in BFM alongside Sophie ” Patty added.


” I just can’t believe he’s dating my Sophia, jezz! ”


I responded looking disgusted by the fact.


They chuckled and continued with their assignment before going to bed.


Sounds of ringing alarm vibrated my bed and for moment I cursed the damn alarm.


I groaned and my eyes fluttered open,


I looked at the other beds and the girls were still asleep ” Wake up Sisters!! ”


I yelled and they both jumped up shocked, I laughed


” goodness Pretty! Mama never taught you to wake people politely?! ” Patty groaned stretching out.


“What’s the time? ” Uriel asked sleepily.


it’s time for School! ” I yelled again and in a jiffy we all ran into the bathroom, the kitchen, the closet and soon enough we were on our way to class.


We stopped on our track, the walls of BFM were filled with pictures of me, what’s this?


I asked no one in particular.


” look who got a crown ” Patty said.


We went to class and thank goodness it was a another instructor today for the class Rudee took yesterday.


” Miss Pretty please step forward! ”


the young male instructor said and I stood up.


” Isn’t against the rules of BFM for any instructor to compliment any student? ” a girl with dyed hair said from the end of the class.


Miss Molly, I’m not complimenting that’s her name, Miss Brooks please show the class your ID ”


the instructor replied.


I nodded and took at my ID and showed the class,


some were surprised others thought it was a match for me.


The instructor asked me to sing and try and play any instrument of my choice along.


I walked to the piano and sat down carefully then I began Winds are blowing, blowing freely


the clocks are ticking, tick tock, tick tock



Yet I still feel lost in my world



Lost in the room but without a gloom



Why do I feel so many mysteries in this beautiful mystery Ohh blue waters thank you for the unconscious cater ohhh blue waters do I need to go on my knees


Oh my blue water does this matter cause I feel the depth within


I sang on and on feeling myself but there was still something holding up.



I ended and claps and chants kept me smiling really sweet and nice.








She’s A Goddess






B r o k e n R u l e s







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