Do Not Read If U Cannot Control Ur Sexual Edges
Episode 2
Mum herself was just an olderย  version of myself. She was the s–tย  every rich trader in our tradingย  neighborhood knew. I had learntย  about sex long before I got theย  first taste, simply because Iย  watched her have it countlessย  times in front of me. She had noย  shame and even usually asked meย  to go buy her tissue for cleaningย  up, right after a f–k session โ€“ย  herself and the pleased man starkย  naked and beaming with smiles. Itย  was that bad. So when I eventuallyย  got pregnant (at a tender age ofย  16), she didnโ€™t do exactly like mostย  moms. She didnโ€™t ask about whoย  was responsible; even though Iย  couldnโ€™t have had anyone I couldย  have picked as responsible despiteย  the zillion men I f—-d. She onlyย  brought me back home after aย  nurse-friend of hers had confirmedย  it, and served me dinner. But laterย  that night she wept bitterly.ย  Leaning into my shoulder andย  shedding a lot of tears. Sheย  lamented so much that night thatย  I thought she was going to goย  mad. She cried and asked forย  forgiveness. Blaming herself forย  my state and promising to doย  better as a mother from thatย  moment. But that didnโ€™t exactlyย  happen as she handed me over toย  a close friend of hers in a far awayย  state just as my belly began toย  grow. I never met mom again andย  she never called or wrote. It was aย  bitter end to an already rottenย  relationship. Having known no dadย  (my dad left mom before I wasย  born), I suddenly knew nothingย  about the love a man can have forย  a lady and the much I thought myย  mom had for me, fizzled away withย  her.ย  Chike came into my life just after Iย  had arrived my new abode. He wasย  a reckless 20 year old cousin to theย  lady (Mama Jonah) who was nowย  taking care of me. He startedย  frequenting Mama Jonahโ€™s placeย  and just like every other guy, hisย  aim was just my body. He keptย  telling me about how beautiful Iย  was even in pregnancy and how heย  has never stopped imagining meย  naked. This continued and soon Iย  found myself longing for him too.ย  Having been without sex for overย  6months, my p—y was the firstย  to yell out for the dudeโ€™s touchย  each time he arrived and beforeย  we could put our names on a line,ย  we had already started f—–g ourย  brains out!! In pregnancy, and atย  just 16, I was having sex withย  Chike every day until my deliveryย  was close. Being inexperienced, Iย  was initially scared of what couldย  happen, but later learnt fromย  some of the street girls thatย  eventually became my friends thatย  it was just fine to go on.ย  My delivery gave me a girl. Andย  she looked so so much like mom! Itย  was painfully pleasant as I alwaysย  cried each time I found myselfย  likening her face to her grandma.ย  We grew together and soon beganย  looking like sisters. Mama Jonahย  had suggested that I leave the girlย  with her while I pursued a life inย  Lagos. Her plan was to make sureย  the girl does not get to know that Iย  was her mother but I refused. Iย  wanted to remain with her as sheย  was the only thing I had. Mamaย  Jonah accepted this and in noย  time, I was schooling with her. Butย  before this, Mama Jonah marriedย  me to Chike who equally had noย  parents. This was a secretย  agreement as she never wantedย  anybody to know about it. Itย  became a serious marriage onceย  Chika began making money on hisย  own. He was always followingย  drivers for daily jobs and wasย  always lucky to make little moneyย  to bring home. He began gettingย  responsible and soon startedย  buying things for me. I knew atย  that stage that I was actually inย  love with him and on my 21stย  birthday, I moved out with him asย  well as my daughter from Mamaย  Jonahโ€™s place. We moved to Lagosย  where he was offered a driving jobย  for a bottling firm despite hisย  young age of 25. I was now exactlyย  married in spite of being ofย  different tribal backgrounds (he isย  Ibo). The most important things toย  me was that he cared for me andย  then that he was also the bestย  f–k I had ever known! We f—-dย  everyday! And I mean everyday!ย  He had a pretty big d–k. A d–kย  which wasnโ€™t exactly long but veryย  fat and thick! He would f–k meย  with that thing until I beganย  screaming for help (not heย  lp reallyย  butโ€ฆI was always going to feelย  like Iโ€™d tear apart), scratching hisย  back and clawing his buttocks! Iย  was absolutely loving Chike and heย  loved me too

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