No abusive wordsΒ  Episode 3Β Β Β  The real gist begins when I had myΒ  third child – a boy. The second wasΒ  also a girl but she came after I hadΒ  turned 24 as I began finding itΒ  difficult to conceive. But just afterΒ  her, the boy came, in exactly 3Β  years. They were all beautiful kidsΒ  and I always remain grateful forΒ  them. However, it appeared asΒ  though the coming of the thirdΒ  would bring a lot of difficulty forΒ  us. Chika was still working thenΒ  and was even doing some minnowΒ  jobs during the weekends to seeΒ  that ends met. I too had to raise aΒ  little stall just in front of ourΒ  shanty house where I sold locally-Β  made soaps I had producedΒ  myself. When it began looking likeΒ  hawking the soaps was moreΒ  effective, I began doing so. ButΒ  this exposed me to a life I hadΒ  forgotten for a while. I beganΒ  mingling with men again and justΒ  like before, I ended up putting upΒ  little or no resistance and startedΒ  f—–g like some wild chicken all aΒ  new. I was usually heavily filledΒ  with c-m each time I returnedΒ  home since I would have bagged 2Β  or 3 mean dicks during the dayΒ  and even though Chika neverΒ  seemed to suspect anything, I wasΒ  soon attracting the suspicions ofΒ  neighbours. The only edge I hadΒ  was that these men usuallyΒ  bought a great chunk of the tradeΒ  I visited them with, so was beingΒ  financially rewarded each time. More Interesting Stories On Topster Stories AppΒ  But this began gradually turningΒ  ineffective immediately DarlingtonΒ  our son was born. In fact, I soonΒ  found myself visiting these menΒ  without any reason other than toΒ  f–k and even when I never gotΒ  money in return, I was still veryΒ  fine and satisfied. This was so badΒ  that when Chika announced to meΒ  that we were going to move fromΒ  Lagos, I felt like a broken woman! IΒ  was now a s–t! Simple!Β  We moved from Lagos to AbeokutaΒ  in the coming months. Chike wasΒ  transferred to his office’s newΒ  branch at the Ogun and given thatΒ  we never had much, it was alwaysΒ  going to be impossible for us toΒ  stay apart. So we moved with him,Β  forcing the kids to change schools.Β  And this was where I met theΒ  Johnsons. I hadn’t thought it wasΒ  going to be possible getting toΒ  know people like that, but itΒ  happened. It was just like everyΒ  other night. I had returned fromΒ  marketing some of my soaps (IΒ  began the trade again) and metΒ  Chike home quite early. AfterΒ  serving him dinner and f—–gΒ  ourselves silly, he told me he gotΒ  an offer from a friend. At first IΒ  thought he was referring to a newΒ  job offer which should of course beΒ  superior to his, so began to adjustΒ  to hear him out. But he didn’t sayΒ  so. He said instead a friend of hisΒ  in the office told him that theirΒ  Deputy Branch Manager, was inΒ  need of a housekeeper. I didn’t getΒ  the thing initially so I asked him ifΒ  he was interested, to which heΒ  laughed and said yes but for me. IΒ  got confused and asked him toΒ  explain. So he explained that heΒ  would want me to pick up the jobΒ  while he continued with hisΒ  driving role at his office. I wasn’tΒ  exactly pleased as I felt the jobΒ  was the most demeaning I shouldΒ  ever think of doing. But after heΒ  narrated how good the potentialΒ  employer was, I decided to give itΒ  a try. We were going to be givenΒ  an apartment within the DeputyΒ  Branch Manager’s residency. AndΒ  all I was required to do was toΒ  keep his home tidy while they paidΒ  me. His wife was a nice woman soΒ  was always available to cook forΒ  the home.Β  To be continued..

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