Dragon Princess Chapter 19-20

Dragon princess
Written by TOM
Chapter nineteen
There was chaos everywhere. The swimming pool was littered with death and Rhaegar instantly fired the cleaners.
“Tell me you didn’t do it”? Alice asked me.
“It wasn’t me. Maybe it was done by someone else”.
“This isn’t a joke Kelly. If he finds out you were the one, you’re dead as meat”.
“It wasn’t me”.
“If not you then who”?
“I’ve no idea. Look, I’ve to go to the library”. I left. I was busy reading when my phone rang. It was Belle. “Hey girl”. I smiled.
“Hi. How are you doing”?
“I’m cool and you”?
“Good. Heard Maggie had an accident”.
“Oh my”. I exclaimed. “Did she survived it”?
“Don’t know. They couldn’t find her body. Could it be she was burnt to ashes”?
“Do say bad things. I’m sure she’s pretty much alive”.
“So how’s New York”?
“Bad. I hate this place. The people lifestyles and you know this guy Rhaegar”.
“Rhaegar? That guy is so sweet and handsome. I love his songs so much”.
“Sweet my foot. He’s as mean as hell”.
“Really”? I told her all what happened. “That doesn’t looked like Rhaegar”.
“Believe me that’s who he is”.
“I’ve to go. Talk to you later”.
“Okay”. The line went dead. Just then the lights start to flicker. “What’s happening”? Everything then went black out. “That’s why I hate this place”. I put on my phone flashlight and got up. I was ready to go when I heard footsteps. “Anyone here”? No answer. “Hello”. I looked around. “Guess there’s nobody here”. I made to leave when someone suddenly grab me. I struggled with him. Then he knocked me out.
I moaned gently and turned. I could feel the cold floor against my body. I sat up lazily.
“You’re awake”. I looked up and saw Rhaegar sitting in front of me.
“Where am I”? I looked around. “Why did you brought me here”? I was starting to get scared. “What’s this place”?
“Easy girl. I’m not gonna hurt you……..well maybe a little”. He sat upright. “I just want to ask you a question. Why did you do it”?
“Do what”?
He smirked. “Tell me while I’m asking nicely”.
“I didn’t do anything”.
“Answer me”! He shouted.
“I…..I…..I…..”. I stammered. He got up and walk towards me. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t in my right mind”.
“Do you have any idea that it could kill me”.
“I’m sorry. Please forgive me”.
“Sorry”? He smirked. “You’re expelled”. He turned to leave.
“No please”. I held his leg and cried. “Please don’t. I’ll do anything for you. Just don’t expell me”.
“Did you just say anything”?
“Yeah anything”.
“Get up”. I did and he stared at me. “Anything you say”. He smiled. “Get the best make-up artist and dress her up”.
“Yes sir”. He left.
It was a dinner party. The gown was too short. I kept pulling it down with my hand.
“Don’t do that”.
“Sure”. I said not wanting to offend him.
“Just don’t act rashly or people would noticed”.
“Dammit. This gown is too short”.
“Just do as I say”. We kept greeting one people to another.
“Is she your woman”?
“No”. We both said together.
“She’s my girl”. Rhaegar said.
“I’m Mr Roxell”.
“Kelly Kent”.
“Does Jane knows”?
“Not yet”.
“I’m sure she won’t probably cut your head off”. He smiled. “Heard you’re releasing your next album soon”.
“Bloody trap. Why are your songs so violent. You should write some romance”.
“In your dreams”.
“I’ll leave you two”. He left.
“Can I sit”? My leg were shaking due to the high heels.
“You’re the worst person I’ve ever met”. He left.
“What the hell is wrong with you”? I sat and took some pictures then send it to Harrell. A girl stepped in. She was so beautiful. Must be one of those rich kids. Her purse then fell.
“You”. She said to me.
“Pick it up”.
“I’m not a maid”.
“Who are you to talk back to me”?
“I don’t know who you are but I think you’re one of those spoiled brat”.
“How dare you”. She slapped me so hard. I laughed and stare back at her.
“Wow. This is very nice. Just who the hell….”. She raised her hand to slap me again but someone held her.
“Let me go”.
“Jane stop it. People are watching”. It was Rhaegar.
“Let me deal with this lowly girl”.
“Stop it”.
“Do you know her”?
“She’s what”?
“We’re dating”.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you soon”.
“This….”. She ran out.
“Are you okay”? He asked me.
“Please take me home”.
“Sure”. He held me out.
“Where have you been”? Alice asked. “And what’s with the dress”?
“I’m tired”. I laid on the bed.
“You ain’t gonna take off your make-up”?
“Don’t have time”. I shut my eyes and slept off.
Luckily, there was no rumour of what happened yesterday. I was at the practice room. Just then my phone rang.
“Hello pretty”. It was Harrell. “You look sexy in those pictures you sent me”.
“Thanks”. I smiled.
“What are you doing”?
“Then I’ll leave you to it”.
“Don’t go”.
“Do you miss me that much”?
“Yeah. It’s been long I’ve kissed those lips of yours”. He laughed.
“Do you really wanna kiss me that badly”?
“Yeah and get pregnant too”.
“Okay then. I’ll visit you when I’m free”.
“Really. Don’t joke with me”.
“I’m not. I’ll come by during the weekend. Look your best for me”.
“Do you mean natural”?
“Anyone you choose”.
“Okay then”.
“Bye”. He cut off and I sighed. Yesterday event still lingered on my mind.
“I really think I should quit. I’m not good at singing though. Why did I even come here”? I took my bag and left.
“You can’t quit”. The principal said. “You just signed in”.
“I don’t think I can cope much longer. I’ve been through a lot here”.
“You said it was your dream to be a popstar”.
“That was then. It’s not like I’ve the voice to be one”.
“Don’t try to stop her”. I knew that voice. We both turned to the direction. It was Rhaegar. He was standing by the door side.
“Oh sir”. The principal got up. “Please have a seat”.
“No. I’m just here to check on things and you shouldn’t try to stop her from quitting”.
“Excuse me. This isn’t something for you to interfere”. I said.
“You’re a coward”.
“What”? I was shocked. “How dare___”.
“You can leave Ms Kent”. The principal cut in.
“Fine”. I walked towards the door and stopped in front of him. “You scumbag jerk”.
“Ms Kent”.
“I’m out already”.
Dragon princess
Written by TOM
Chapter twenty
Walking into the cool, dim interior of the building. Harrell was already waiting for me.
“Hey”. I put my bag down and sat. “How long have you been waiting”? I looked at my watch. “It’s not even time yet”.
“Are you hungry? Let’s order some food”. I nodded. Then we ordered. It was brought and we start to eat. “The weather is beautiful”.
“Yeah”. I drank my wine.
“Isn’t it perfect for a proposal”? I choked. “Are you okay”?
“Yeah. I’m fine”. I coughed and he smiled.
“Are you thinking I might propose”?
“Wow. This place is so hot”.
“Really. I can’t feel any heat”.
“I need to use the restroom”. I left. I was in the restroom starring at into the mirror. “Oh my God. Is he going to propose to me? What do I do”? I held my face. “Knock it off”. I went out.
“What took you so long”?
“Just taking a nap”. I sat.
“I’ll be staying for two weeks”.
“Yeah”. He smiled. “We can be together for some time”.
“Let’s get going”.
“To where”?
“Shopping”. He winks at me.
“Awww stop that. I might fall for you again”. I laughed.
I was at the cafeteria chatting with Harrell on phone. Just then, some boys walked towards me. They were no other person than that psycho men.
“What do you want”? I frowned.
“The boss would like to see you”. One thick and hefty man said.
“Tell him I’m busy”. I focused on my phone. Suddenly, someone grabbed it from me behind my back. “Hey, give me….”. It was Rhaegar.
“Did you say busy”? He smirked.
“What do you want from me”?
“So many things”. He smiled. “I want you dead”. He threw the phone away. “But I don’t know how I should do it. Quick or slow one. I just don’t know”.
“I’m not scared of you”. He laughed.
“She said she’s not scared”. He and his men laughed. “Wow. I love your courage Ms Kent but you know what, I don’t think you’re smart enough”. He held my face with one hand squeezing my mouth together. “You should be on your knees asking for forgiveness”. His hand lowered to my neck. “I could kill you right now……but I won’t”. He let go. “You seem to last longer but I’ll see how you’ll survive through your exams”. He smirked. “Let’s go”. They left. From that moment, I knew I was going to hell. That was where my life with Rhaegar started.
I’d failed my test and I knew Rhaegar was behind it since he was among the judges. I stormed into his class. His bodyguards weren’t around and I don’t think this looks like a class. It was more like a house but I don’t bloody care. He was seated reading.
“What the hell do you want from me”? I shouted at him. “You threatened me and bully me several times. I can’t take this anymore”.
“Ms Kent”. He said gently and dropped the book he was reading. “I think that’s an impolite way to talk to someone”.
“You got to be kidding me”.
“And I never failed you. Your song was good but the reaction from the audience wasn’t great”.
“Liar. I saw you smiled wickedly when I was about to start the show”.
“Please don’t get the wrong idea”.
“Why are you doing this to me”? I asked in a teary voice.
“Please leave. I can’t deal with girls tears and besides, I hate it”.
“I tried hard to___”.
“Then try harder”. He cut in.
“Why are you so mean? Don’t you have a heart? You kept bullying people for fun”. The guards came in.
“Get her out of here”. They pulled me.
“You’ll pay for this”. I shouted and he smiled.
“Mom”. I cried.
“Kelly. Ate you okay? Is everything alright”?
“I’m fine”. I sniffed. “I’m fine seriously”.
“And you expect me to believe that? I’m coming over”.
I’d told her everything. I could tell that she was boiling with anger.
“Where’s he”?
“What? Don’t tell me__”.
“Where’s he or I’ll find him myself”. She cut in.
“Mom stop. You’re only going to make the matter worst”.
“Why”? She shouted at me. “You aren’t someone to you with. Take me to him. No I should find him by myself”. She left.
“Mom wait”. I ran after her. She stormed into his resident. Unluckily, he was being interviewed by the media.
“So you’re the one toying with my daughter huh”. The guards tried to stop her. “Don’t you dare touch me you filthy men”. They couldn’t touch her. “And you”. He faced Rhaegar. “I heard you were born with sliver spoon with no manners. You may be rich but don’t ever messed with my daughter. If you ever touch a single hair from her, you’ll face hell. I’m a mother. I know how it feels when someone is hurting your child. Such a pity your mom didn’t brought you up well”.
“And your father. They spoiled your life that…..”.
“Mom stop”. I shouted. “That’s enough”.
“If you ever bully her again, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to know what will befall you”. I’d to pull her out before she could say any other words.
“Mom. Why did you say all that? It’s too much”.
“I don’t care. You’ve been working hard and some kind of jerk is trying to. Gosh. Just look at yourself. You’ve gotten thinner. Make sure you eat what I made for you”. She hand me an envelope. “You haven’t ask for any cash. Use it and buy some cosmetic. I’ll get going”. She left and I sighed. She really had no idea what she just caused.
It was all over the internet. Mother scold Rhaegar for bullying her daughter. I knew I was in trouble.
“What am I gonna do? I’m as dead as meat”. I said to Domina.
“He’s going to be mad at you”.
“Talking about his mom should hit him hard”. MJ said.
“What do you mean”?
“You haven’t heard. Rhaegar mom died in his arms when he was young”. Alice said.
“Oh my”.
“I’m pretty sure he cried to bed last night”.
“Your mom really talked so much. It’s all over the media”.
“I think I should ask for forgiveness”.
“Don’t or”. Alice make a mark on her neck. “You’re gone”.
“I still have to go”.
“He’s not in school so don’t tell me you’re going to visit his place”.
“I’ve no choice”. I took my bag.
“I think this is a bad idea”. MJ said.
“It’s not like he’s gonna kill me. I’ll be back soon”. I left.
I’d no idea his house was this huge. There were guards everywhere.
“Excuse me. I’d like to see Rhaegar”.
“He doesn’t want to see anyone”.
“Can’t you just tell him someone’s here to see him”.
“I’m sorry ma’am. We’re just following orders”. Just then Rhaegar appeared.
“Rha….”. But he was with a girl. She looks familiar. Ah-ah. The girl from the party. What’s she doing here?
“Someone is here to see you Sir”. Our eyes then met.
“What’s she doing here”? Jane asked.
“Let’s just get going”.
“Rhaegar I….”. He entered car and left. I sighed.
“Please leave ma’am”. Then I walked away.

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