( what’s that )
The short lesson end quickly cos its only maths. I’m just happy looking at him although its for a short time. Many things happen today and I’m ready to put them in my diary. Oh my mom is home.
β€œ where are you since? I’ve been in this house for over 1hr and I couldn’t find you” she said immediately I set my foot in our flat. β€œ i went to solve some problems with David” I answered her questions while changing my foot wears.
β€œ really? You guys are really getting close its okay if you date” my mom said jokingly.
β€œ mom! Is that not too early? Ah seriously ” i can’t believe what my mom said or did she know I have a soft spot for Dave? No my mom won’t know.
β€œ whatever I’m sure his mom will support it too you guys should take it slowly o” she said and I almost faint.
β€œ mom seriously when did you turn to a love doctor? I cant believe this whats for dinner?” i asked and she smiled..
β€œ thats what you and David have together he likes food too” my mom added.
β€œ mom!”
β€œ stop moming me if you don’t like him why are you getting worked up?”
I don’t understand my mom anymore oh geesh! I rushed to my room holding my maths textbook.
I take a cold shower cos the heat is too .much I swear maybe its what mom said that is roasting me inside.
The next morning
β€œ hey boss!” Eric yelled behind me
β€œ oh good morning” Janelle also said hugging me.
β€œ now I’m all left out” we heard Chris’s voice behind us.
β€œ hi david” I hear a familiar voice greeting david but he just nod.
Lol isabella stop stressing yourself david will never look at you
I’m betting my voice on that. Oh no my voice? That’s what I like most about myself.
After the assembly, our class teacher, a lady in her late 20s came to call the attendance and advice us too about not breaking the school rules and some stuff too well I’m not interested..
When david and isabella were leaving for physics class I asked janelle to look after him if possible sit beside him so Isabella won’t get a chance to look at him.
The government teacher came and he taught us some basic concepts of government which is the power, Authority and legitimacy. Well the class was and I like it when I’m doing something I like most and that is arts subjects. Both literature in English and government are all my favorite subject and I like
English language too but I don’t like raising my hands too much in the class I’m always scared.
The next period is for civic education so all science students were inside the class so I will be able to concentrate on my David very well.
I dip my hands into my bag to find a pen cos the one I was using is no more working then I find a small piece of paper.
The contents in it goes thus.
I’ve been keeping the the wonderful love I have for you in a little prison. Now its time for me to let it out so the little prison will be free. My love for you can’t be compare to anything in this world its like a rarest pearl in the ocean. You are the most rarest gem I’ve ever seen, a lady with a good heart and personality, every time I look at you I always get this beautiful feeling that
I’ve seen my true love..~ that’s it I can’t read it again. Who the hell wrote this letter? Dave? No its not possible he will rather die but I’ve never receive any love letter in my life. Ah that was an heart attack no one has ever confessed to me before.Kindly share out stories from topsterstories.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen
I showed Janelle the letter and her jaw drop immediately. This is not David’s writing and not for Eric or chris too but who the hell wrote this? I can’t even figure it out and my head is really spinning now. Janelle told me to take it easy but how can i take it easy when an unknown person write a love letter to me how can i? I’m not taking anything easy.
β€œ I’m very sure the writer is not David or Chris or even Eric but who? Who the hell write this letter? ” i yelled and Janelle cover my mouth.
She drag me outside.
β€œ why do you like embarrassing yourself ehn? You think the writer will just expose himself like that? ” Janelle asked. After that I kept mute cos I don’t know what to say.
Ring ring
Time to run home, I couldn’t wait for David cause I can’t look at his face.
After tending to my assignments i take a cold shower and I wear a plain top and a bum short.
I thought David would be home and that would give me opportunity to have fresh air because he would not even get out of the house again.
Immediately I step out of our flat, I almost ran back inside but
I’m too shocked.
β€œ David you are just coming ” I manage to say when I finally found my voice.
β€˜ yes after combing everywhere in lovely dream high school just to look for you ’
What? David look for me? Wow that’s cool I try to explain the situation but the guy just walk away leaving me to argue with my conscience.
Oh what did I do?
I didn’t know that he will be angry if I did not wait for him na.
His temper is too hot for my liking but at least I love him like that.
Whatever, my mom came late today and I didn’t mind at least I got time to sort my head out.
She brought some corn home but due to my sour mood I end up rejecting my favorite snack.
I couldn’t set my head straight, I use almost two hours to wash my school uniform, I use a whole hour to wash plate. Everything is just something I can’t explain I mean why will david look for me?
Why? I can’t understand or did he miss me? No way someone who is as cold as stone.
Later at night around 9:06 pm I sneak out of the house when my parents are sleeping just to get some fresh air.
I took two corns from the one I rejected earlier.
I sat down in front of the room that separate our flat and
David’s. I heard a footstep and it sound as if its coming to my direction oh god please save me I don’t want to die now.Kindly share out stories from topsterstories.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen
I was praying as the sound get louder only to find Dave standing in front of me. He froze
β€œ oh you scared me. What are you doing outside by this time of the night? ” he asked with a terrified voice.
I didn’t know david can be afraid of something but he is a human being sha.
β€œ the same thing you are doing” I replied with a feigned frown. β€œ I don’t know about you but I came to get some fresh air ” he said after a long yawn.
β€œ me too ” I replied.
β€œ have you found your secret admirer? Wow you are really something for someone to write a love letter to you ” he said and it sound some kind of irritating
β€œ I don’t deserve love letters? ” I asked
β€œ mteew I would rather solve calculus than use my precious time to write a love letter to you ” he smirked.
β€œ what kind of statement is that? ” I asked angrily.
β€œ I can’t write a love letter to you because ” he try to say but I shove one of my corn into his mouth and I rush inside our flat but I ran back to take my corn later.
I don’t joke with corn. To be continued….
The more I look at this the more it look like an indirect kiss..

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