I Got Stuck in a Teacher’s Car – I Saw Everything

My thoughts are all mixed up and it’s hard for me to put them into a coherent story, but I have

really messed up bad! Like you wouldn’t believe! I’ve also realized that I’m going to explode if I

don’t tell somebody. Yeah, I could end up in some major trouble….but I know all of our

principal’s dirty little secrets! And it was definitely worth it!

Hi. I am Kris, but my friends call me β€œdisaster girl”. That’s because I live at risk! An adrenaline

rush is like a drug to me. Every cell in my body trembles, my guts quiver. You just experience a

storm of emotions and it makes you want to feel them again and again. Have you ever had that?

It all started when Derek and I were making our way to the roof of the tallest building in our city.

We were up there for an hour, and Derek even tried to ride a skateboard right along the edge.

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