My Breakup 18+ Episode 10 finale

-Last Episode
The better of everything is the end of the matter, few realize this.
Don’t be carried away by the beginning of a thing, remain focus for the end of it.
I was taken to a bone doctor in my area, the man was probably old then but not too old to invest all his youthful miseries on my broken hand. I was held by two people on my left hand as the man pressed strongly to fix the bones, I fought back with my teeth and the bone doctor was escaping all my mouth attack, as I yelled and surged forward with my mouth the man kept on dodging.
I was taunted with the funny name I was given to anytime we got back home by brothers and sister, they even prepared a song for me using the bone’s doctor name, around 2008 Yara’dua became President of Nigeria. My name was changed to ‘elka Yara’dua’ according to the sitting president, my mother took me to another place to get a better treatment for the hand.
I stayed with my father’s sister, who I called Mama. A beautiful woman at her old age blessed with wisdom and soothing words, she took care of me and encouraged me to endure for my hand to get better. Another bone doctor in Ikata took charge of my hand, every morning we headed to his house before the cock crow.
Whenever he administer treatment on my hand he stuffed biscuits in my mouth preventing me to give him a bite, I hated biscuits from that day henceforth.
With time the bone was adjusted and I returned home, we were taken to St. Peters Primary School in Ahoada.
During 2009 to 2010, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi have usurped Celestine Umouha as the governor of Rivers State in Supreme court.
That year and the next year that followed was frequent feeding years for pupils in primary, as we took food flax to school.
Cooks were selected to cook for us and timetable were outlined as we were fed to the brim, I didn’t join the association of double eating ’cause I learnt a bit of life lesson.
The woman always returned home with beans anytime the timetable outlined beans for the day, I hated beans and I always skipped days that I knew beans were be shared.
My dad decided to take us to another school which is a private school, is there I became a lover of game through my best friend Biggy. He was attending Catholic school before he joined us in Sotum primary and secondary school in Ahoada,
My gracious Biggy was a game freak.
He had a Nokia torch then that was his sister’s but she doesn’t use it, so he took to his charge.
He will charged it all night against school tomorrow, NEPA were very funny with the light then.
They always bring it whenever you want to do something evil with the light, the next day in school we will exhaust the whole batteries probably two then before school closes at 4pm noon.
It was a fond memories, as we carry food flax to school in our primary five whenever I remembered it. I laughed at myself, my childhood was a great one and I didn’t regret any fun I had except joining Ninja Club.
Friday was fun, immediately school closes at 12noon.
My brother and i with Biggy will go to his house and spent time playing DVD Contract game, we will be on it till his father returned exactly 4pm.
His father didn’t like the habit of game we possess, so we will watched out for the time to prevent him meeting us playing the game.
Every Saturdays we were the first to be in the Church then, our parents were very happy as they gave us offerings for Church.
They only helped to add more money for us to head to game hall and spend the whole church hours in the game hall, and returned late home.
There was this girl, couldn’t remember her name. She was quite close to me, as we romanced everyday in school whenever our teacher isn’t in class because the man hated my twin and I for giving him so much troubles, he made me love Literature.
The day we were caught in the act of sneaking out of church to PS2 game halls, the color of our butts were changed with strokes of cane.
Oh.. my, I guess I will end the story here ’cause my Date just walked into the eatery, and guess what? Am gonna propose to her today, wish me luck fam.
See you next time on Breakup don’t change your allegiance, El loves you.

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  1. Woww… Author this story is great! I love it! Its so thrilling and exciting,thanks author for this great and abundant lessons,i hope your date turns out well!!! Thanks!

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