Chapter 1 Story by, Rejoice
Jeremy ‘s POV
Woken up by the lousy bell by Moni,
I groaned and turned on my bed.
And then covering my ears with a pillow.
I hate waking up from a sweet sleep!
Not after a long night in the party.
β€œIt’s past eight Jeremy. You are so late for school.” Moni yelled, ringing the damn bell again.
β€œFuck! I hate you Moni. Just go away. I can fucking be in school any time I feel like! Don’t you fucking get it?” I yelled at my nanny.
She’s a pest!
β€œNow if you don’t get up. Im gonna drop. This. Cockroach. On. Your. Neck.” She
I turned sharply to see a little bottle in her hand and a cockroach is inside.
β€œFuck no!” I screamed and jumped out of bed.
β€œGood boy. Now move to the bathroom. Go on.” She said, coming to me.
β€œMoni stop, Don’t try another step. Fuck I hate insects!” I said and ran into the en-suite, shutting the door fast.
I walked to the mirror and stared at my self on the mirror.
Im just a cutie…
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Dull eyes. Pale face. And..a line of dried saliva from corner of my lips.
Idiot! why do I always have to sleep with mouth open.
I took out my toothbrush, applied toothpaste and began brushing my teeth.
Okay, I drank so fucking much last night.
How did I get home?
I remember having Molly sit on me, then a little drunk play and kissing and Molly stands and leaves.
Then Chris walking over and pulling me up.
Chris must have drove me home.
Yeah, I love that guy, but
He’s breaking the rule.
He’s going crazy for some kinda jerk boring girl, Steph.
Annoying as it seems! The jerk bitch don’t wanna give him a fucking chance.
I fucking hate that bitch.
Proving so hard to get.
So boring! So annoying!
Chris is fucking changing cos of her.
He’s breaking our rule.
No falling inlove,
No fucking love.
Im seriously gonna smack his head.
I heard my phone ringing..
Must be Chris..
I turned on the shower.
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Why should I care about going late to school?
I chuckled.
For fuck sake! Its my dad’s school..
Why the fuck should I care about its fucking rules and principles.
I do my thing no bitch try to say a word.
I walked out of the bathroom and my phone rang again.
β€œHey boo.” She said.
β€œBabe” I said.
β€œHow was your night?” She asked.
β€œCrazy. Naughty. Party rolls!” I said.
β€œYeah! Im in school now. You on your way?” She asked.
β€œJust did the bathroom stuff.” I said.
She laughed.
β€œUgh. And you didn’t tell me to come help out right? You don’t want me to see
your dick huh?” She said.
β€œWhy not?” I smiled.
β€œFucker!” she laughed.
β€œScreamer.” I said.
β€œSo how’s your old woman?” She asked.
She’s talking about my nanny,
β€œAlways a pest. Threatened me with a live cockroach cos I didn’t wanna get up from bed. Can you believe the shit?” I laughed. She laughed.
β€œI hate her.” I said.
I know I don’t mean it. I love Moni and she’s been my nanny right from when I was a little kid.
I take her like my granny and tell her almost everything.
But she’s so annoying at times!
β€œIm in school right now. I can’t wait to see you. Miss you.” She said.
β€œBe there soon. Fans missing me, you know.” I said.
β€œYeah. Mr popular.” She said.
The call dropped.
Molly is my girlfriend.
But fuck! I don’t love her you know.
Just fooling around.
Partying, rolling and having fun.
I walked to my closet and got out my school uniform.
I pulled the grey trouser on, then the white shirt and ox red suit jacket.
A white sneaker instead of black.
I love white.
But anyway,
I love to look different.
I walked to the dressing table, took out a comb and brushed my weaved hair.
Applied cologne.
Checked myself on the full-length mirror.
β€œYup, Im good to go.” I winked and blew kisses at the mirror.
I got my white ipod and my headset.
I pulled my empty school bag to hang loosely a shoulder.
I’ve got only two novels and a Literature text book.
I love Literature. Maybe just a little bit.
I hate to carry books around.
So embarrasing!
I walked out of my room and down the corridor, to the staircase but I met Moni coming up.
β€œJeremy, Your breakfast is served.” She said.
Her white apron and white cap look just too funny on her.
β€œYou know what Moni.” I asked.
β€œI hate to think there’a a cockroach in the food.” I said.
She gasped. β€œNo. Never.”
β€œIm not gonna eat.” I said and walked away.
I pulled into my white range rover sport and drove out to school.
Played Drake, Controlla.
By Author riri
This is a story by Author riri

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