Chapter 3 Story by, Rejoice
# Jeremy ‘s POV
β€œLove is crazy, Love is cool, I think Love is the craziest thing I’ve ever felt.” Chris ranted as he filled himself with alcohol.
School was over and we sat on the school love garden.
Its cool here, smooth field and white flowers with nice scents.
We always sit here and gist about anything.
Two guys came around but seeing it was us, they walked away.
Same with another boy and a girl and they did the same.
Nothing scary about us tho.
Just the respects we deserve.
Chris went on,
β€œWhy’s she so mean and don’t understand? What can I do to make her love me back? I wanna win her heart.
I love her. I love Steph.” He said coldly.
β€œOh.. So touching. That words would fit into a good blues song.” I said and laughed.
He threw the emptied bottle away.
β€œYou are acting weird cos of that asshole?” I sighed.
This guy is really really insane.
β€œDon’t call her asshole. What you don’t understand is the word, Love. Im gonna explain better to you.” He said with drunken voice and dull eyes.
He got out another bottle from his bag.
He has had four and he’s on another one.
β€œGo on, Mr love tutor.” I laughed.
He opened the bottle.
And gulped down almost to the half.
β€œWhoa.” I laughed.
β€œLove is sweet dude.” He said.
I nodded.
β€œI’ve read and heard that a million times. ” I said.
β€œWhen you love, you feel like you are emotionally insane and your heart melts like an ice.” He said.
β€œAnd you drink your ass off after school cos some bitch girl kicked your ass off?” I chuckled.
β€œExactly, exactly. I just wish she’ll keep kicking my ass off forever and ever till I got no ass to sit down anymore.” He said and grinned sheepishly.
Drunk idiot!
I got up, pulled him up and dragged him to my car.
Pushed him into the back seat and drove off.
I saw the bitch, Steph talking with someone.
Okay, her dad.
I drove pass her and she just kept a straight face, talking to her dad. Brat!
Chris is lying on the back seat, still ranting about love shits.
Now I’ll have to take him to his house.
Steph’s POV He drove pass. Gosh! I hate the jerk.
He’s just so annoying and full of himself. And the dummy friend of his.
I just hate the two arrogant brats! I smiled at my dad.
I miss him so much.
He’s been away for a month and I’ve been lonely all the while.
β€œI miss you so much Steph sugar.” He said to me as we got into the car. β€œI missed you more dad.” I said.
He wind up the glass and then brought his face and kissed me on the lips. I kissed back.
Yeah I did. I miss him so much.
β€œI love you sweetie. And your….” He whispered to my ear. β€œ…Your body.” He said.
I smiled.
β€œI know that dad. Im happy you are back. I miss you.” I said.
Yeah, this had been our secret. My dad has been my lover..
I love him so much.
It was two years ago, After my dad and my mom had a bad quarrel and I felt sad for my dad.
He cried that night..
So I stayed that night with him to make him happy and just a little play turned into
foreplay and we ended up doing it.
At first I felt so used and horrible,
But my dad kept making me happy.
My mom was always busy.
Busy all the time!
But my dad makes out time to be with me.
My dad loved me more.
So I let him be my lover.
My secret lover.
Then last year, after they had horrible fight again, dad divorced my mom and then
dad and I moved to Florida.
Our love continued.
I don’t wanna ever think this is bad.
Cos I like every bit of it.
And I got no reason to fall inlove with someone else.
Not that I dont want to.
But cos Im scared I’ll hurt him.
I don’t wanna let anyone know my secret.
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Story by, Rejoice

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