Chapter 4
Alexandra ‘s POV
<b>β€œMy withered rose…
Have it got a hope of living again?
Though the storm cloud seems to rise..
Is there some hope for a blissful rain?
When wild winds blows yo”
I_closed up my diary as Lili walked in.
β€œAlex dear.” She smiled.
I sat up on my bed.
β€œSteph is here.” She smiled.
β€œI feel really sad, I don’t wanna meet with anyone. Tell her to go.” I said.
She sighed.
β€œOh Alex dear.. Come here.” She said and pulled me into a hug.
β€œA friend is so special, so important to have..” she said and I closed my eyes.
I listened to her.
β€œ…A friend is there to help when you’re sad and is happy when you smile.”
She pulled away and stared at my eyes with a smile as she held my hands.
β€œYou need one here. You need one everywhere you are. Home, School, church, Where ever you find yourself.” She said.
I tear a tear drop from my eye.
β€œI had friends. And I think making a new one would seem so hurtful and I might forget my first friends.” I said.
β€œOh no. It will never hurt.” She said. β€œI feel it would Lili.” I said.
β€œShh.. You don’t have to. When you have a new friend. They remind you of your old friends and the happy times you shared with them.” She said with a sweet smile.
It made me smile too.
β€œStephanie is a lovely friend to have. She’s beautiful just like you are. Though you are more pretty than her.” She giggled.
I laughed.
Then looked into her warm eyes. She’s just like my mom.
β€œThanks Lili. You are a great Aunt. Im proud of you.” I said with a smile. β€œOh my. Alex you are wonderful.” She said as she hugged me again.
I smiled.
β€œI wish mom never left.” I said. β€œIts okay sweetie.” She whispered.
β€œIt hurts to know that we never gonna see her again.” I cried. β€œDon’t cry Alex. Please. Im afraid I might cry too.” She said. β€œDad is a bitch!” I said and sniffled.
β€œAlex please stop dear. You gonna make me cry.” she said.
I released our hold and held her hands.
β€œI love you Lili.” I said with a smile
She smiled.
Her eyes are red.
β€œI love you so much more.” She said.
I inhaled.
β€œI wanna make a new friend. Steph.” I said.
She smiled broadly and touched my cheek.
β€œYou are wonderful.” She said.
I smiled.
β€œYour hair look scattered.” She said and dressed it well.
β€œThank you.” I smiled.
I met a beautiful girl on the couch. Her brown hair fit her skin.
She look so pretty.
All finalists in Ellas must be really this beautiful.
She saw me and smiled.
Her smile is just perfect.
She had a black sweater and a pink flare short skirt.
β€œHi Steph.” I said with a smile.
β€œSteph this is my beautiful niece. Alexandra.” Lili said.
β€œAlexandra. Its nice to meet you.” She said.
β€œThanks. Just call me Alex. Alexandra is way too long.” I said.
She smiled.
β€œLemme get you something Steph. You love cakes and juice?” Lili asked.
β€œYeah I do alot.” Steph said with a smile.
β€œI love your long hair.” She said as I sat beside her.
β€œThank you. Same with yours.” I said.
She smiled.
Lili came in with a juice and cakes.
β€œThanks Lili.” She said.
β€œYou are welcome dear.” Lili said.
β€œI’ll be back girls. Gotta check something at the kitchen.” she said and walked out.
β€œLili told me you’re starting school in Ellas tomorrow.” She said.
β€œYeah. How did you guys meet?” I asked.
β€œOn a mall, When she had lotta heavy bags to put into her car boot and I helped her while I waited for my dad to come pick me up and he was taking so long.” She said.
β€œWow.” I said.
β€œShe’s your Aunt?” She asked.
β€œYeah. Actually my mom’s twin sister.” I said.
β€œWow. Beautiful. How’s mom?” She asked.
I inhaled.
β€œGone. She left.” I said sadly.
β€œIm so sorry.” She said.
β€œYeah. Thank you.” She said.
β€œIm a finalist too, In Science class. Are you a science student?” She asked.
β€œNo. Im Art. I love Literature.” I said.
She smiled.
β€œWow. That class is full of crazy people tho.” She said.
β€œReally?” I asked.
β€œYeah. Crazy people like the ever pompous popular guy in Ellas. Jeremy and his
friends, Chris, Molly.”
β€œJeremy, Chris, Molly.” I said.
β€œYeah. Jeremy is the most famous guy in Ellas. But he’s so arrogant and full of himself. And its all cos he’s the proprietor’s son, He’s a great runner and gives the goals in the football field. But he makes poor grades but always been promoted.” She said.
I looked at her with confused eyes.
β€œProprietor’s son?”
β€œYeah. Chris is his buddy and they both are really so annoying. And Molly? Well
she’s Jeremy’s girlfriend and the leader of the Girls Dance club and she’s a flirt. She
I know the proprietor’s son in the Magazine cant be the one she’s talking about.
The principal couldn’t have lied.
He said the guy is Ellas most proud student, He’s cool and very intelligent.
β€œHe isn’t intelligent?” I asked.
β€œHe hates every subject.” She said.
β€œBut apart from them. There are still nice cool people. You gonna see all of them tomorrow. And they will be happy to have you around. Do you like the school uniform?” She asked.
β€œYeah. It look really cool.” I said with a smile.
She smiled too.
# Steph’s POV
β€œYou got a nice smile. I admire people with nice smiles.” She said.
β€œReally?” It made me smile more.
β€œYeap.” She said.
β€œThanks. You do too.” I said.
She smiled.
I think I like her.

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